Self esteem
How do you  feel within you?
The way you see your own self represents the self esteem you have and you project to others.  Your self esteem can vary from high to low and one day can be up and the next can be down if your self esteem depends on the external and superficial factors only. But if your self esteem comes from a deep understanding of your inner power and you work out your weaknesses then: you will project a constant  and solid self esteem.

Karate and your real steem
Little after you start training Karate you meet your own self with your abilities and limits.  Then you learn that in order to be stronger and improve your karate you have to fight your weaknesses and perfect your abilities.  Your self esteem will grow  when you defeat your weanesses and you become stronger physically and spiritually.

Makeup or perfection
The world of appeareance is false because it proyects a cosmetic replacement of what really is behind the makeup.  When  training Karate-do you convert, after long hard work, your weaknesses in abillities  you will reflect your power and self esteem because physically and mentally you will be strong and happy with your self where no makeup will be necessary to project your self.