Always show respect to others
All conflicts start by disrespecting the others.  All human relationshiips are easier and better when we show respect to each other.  Respect has always to be a two way action.  Even if we do not understand other's cultural behavior, we never start judging them, all we need is to respect us and respect the others even if we don't know them.  
Self respect
We have to respect our selves and show respect to others.  A person who respects himself never will accept contrary and by showing respect and self respect will define the way on any relationship.  It's very hard to disrespect a respectful person.
Respect in the Dojo
In the Dojo we always start by bowing to the place where  the pictures of the masters who opened the secrets of Karate to all of us. Our sensei always start the class ordering "Sho mae ni rei"  to show respect to the masters and our countries.  Then he orders  "Otogai ni rei"  to  allow each one of the students to show mutual respect and, finally  the Senpai  calls "Sensei ni rei" to show respect to our sensei.

At the begining of the class as well as at the end of it we bow to show respect and show our thankful for all we have taught.  Any kind of disrespect in the Dojo is not acceptable.  We also teach to always show respect to their parents, teachers, brothers and friends.