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Some of our Goju Ryu Katas
Saifa is the shortest kata of Goju Ryu but it is not easy at all.  The students start practicing this kata when they already know all the basic stances, blocks, punches and kicks to be able to jump to a different category of kata techniques.  Saifa demands more control over every single movement, stances, punches, kicks and balance at the same time of coordination.  Once the student feels able to work this kata they will feel the change of the quality of the karate techniques that they  have learnd.
Geki Sai dai Ni 
This is the second Kata that looks to be a variation of Geki Sai Dai Ni but it is not a variition.  The mentality of this kata is different. It works with open hand techniques that passes from a single block as Geki Sai Dai Ichi to a the control of the attacker arms it also uses Neko Achi Dachi stance witch is more difficult to execute than the previous learned.  With this Kata the student can show the power to his opponnent by being more agressive in the defense.
Geki Sai dai Ichi
This is the first kata that every white belt needs to learn.  This kata has all basic defences and attacks needed to defend themselves and defeat an agresive attacker. 
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This kata demands all the spirit to execute it.  Mastering this kata is a very hard effort but once you learn it you will keep practicing for ever to look for a good execusion.
This Kata here below are performed by Japanese .